KENNY DECOR Cocoon Candle Light

KENNY DECOR Cocoon Candle Light

40,00 EUR

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40,00 EUR
KENNY DECOR Cocoon Candle Light

What it is & what it does

Scent Space. Create Moods. Cast a Golden Glow.


Create ambiance within interiors and encourage a brighter mood through light and scent. Enjoy the gentle flicker of candlelight while bespoke fragrance gently infuses through the air and delights the senses. Giving a minimum of 50 hours of scented bliss, the Cocoon fragrance is a layering of rosy tones and hints of white flowers with warm woody notes and exotic spice.

This luxury candle is created from a soy wax blend, hand-poured into a jar that’s up to 50% recycled glass and features a carefully selected cotton wick, individually centred. The wax, fragrance oil and wick are all vegan friendly. Elegantly packaged, every box is FSC certified and 100% recyclable. 

KENNY DECOR Cocoon Candle Light
KENNY DECOR Cocoon Candle Light

How to use

Place your candle on a heat resistant, non-flammable surface; away from drafts as air movement can disturb the flame, creating an uneven burn. Always trim the wick to ¼” prior to each burn to ensure a clean, bright and more controlled burn every time, and to help prevent smoke marks on the vase. Do not allow wick trimmings – or water, any liquids and foreign substances – to accumulate in the wax pool. On first use and thereafter wherever possible, allow the wax to melt all the way across to the edge of the vase to achieve an even wax burn down towards the vase base. When there is just a little wax left in the base, approximately ½”, your candle is at an end; stopping at this moment will help prevent heat damage to the surface or container. For best results, burn the candle for no less than one hour and no more than three hours at a time. Never leave a candle unattended while lit, or attempt to move the candle before the flame is extinguished and the vase is cool. Keep burning candles away from objects that can catch fire, and always burn your candle within sight and beyond reach of children and pets. Leave at least 10cm between multiple burning candles. 

Kenny's tips

My Cocoon Candle Light fills rooms with a warm, cozy and inviting scent that quietly seduces the senses but never overwhelms. I like to choose what fragrance to burn in a similar way to the music I want to play … so that it reflects my mood or creates a new one depending on how I want to feel. Cocoon, with its warm woody notes of sandalwood and patchouli brings a little calm, so it’s great to burn after I’ve had a busy day, I find it very restorative.

Think of Cocoon as a comfort fragrance, it’s like a cashmere wrap on a cold day and has the nuzzle factor. While feeling reassuring with all the deep woods and exotic spices, it’s a scent that’s very sensual too … so if you want to set the tone for date night, this is for you. 


KENNY DECOR Cocoon Candle Light KENNY DECOR Cocoon Candle Light

Cocoon Fragrance Tones

Rich and rosy: Egyptian geranium and rose.

Pure white blossoms: Jasmine.

Woody wonderland: Patchouli, guaiacwood and sandalwood.

Exotic, spicy warmth: Saffron, amber and vanilla.

Made in U.S., 190 grams. 

KENNY DECOR Cocoon Candle Light
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